Wasmio 2023

I just got back from sunny Barcelona where the WasmIO 2023 conference was held. It was purely and simply a blast! I want to thank the organizers for their hard work in making this first WasmIO conference awesome. Y’all are awesome!

WasmIO was a two-day, single-track conference, and we had the creme de la creme of the people involved in the Webassembly world. And I was lucky enough to also be a speaker. This was my first conference in a while and boy am I rusty in public speaking, I hope that this will change now that the in-person conferences are back.

The organization was flawless, the venue was great, and of course, Barcelona is a wonderful city. They did feed us on spanish time (lunch at 1:30PM), I’m not used to eat so late but the food was great so I won’t complain (much).

My talk was on the first day in the afternoon so it’s all kinda fuzzy to me because I was constantly checking my slides… I do remember seeing some awesome talks, of interest (to me) was the “Containers vs WebAssembly” panel, do check it out once the videos are out.

I gave my talk about the things we’ve been working on at Docker, making it easy to run Wasm workload with Docker and on Kubernetes. We also announced the second technical preview of Docker+Wasm in which we added 3 more runtimes for people to use: spin, slight and wasmtime. The first technical preview only had the WasmEdge runtime. On top of that, it’s now possible to run Wasm inside the Docker Desktop’s kubernetes cluster. Read more about it here.

I won’t go into details about the talks but from what I’ve seen the bar was high! Of course it is, knowing that the speakers are the ones that move the WebAssembly world forward: Dan Gohman, the WASI man, spoke, Fermyon had multiple talks and workshops. Zalim Bashorov and S├ębastien Deleuze gave a deep-dive talk about Kotlin and Wasm, I could go on and on… I’m telling you, go check out the videos once they are out!

As with any conference, the meat of it was happening in the hallways and in the afterparties. I had too many great conversations, my head is spinning with ideas! This was my first foray into the WebAssembly community and it’s all love and everyone is there with a mission: make WebAssembly a great platform for developers. 10/10, would recommend.

Next year’s WasmIO is already scheduled, it will be on the 21st and 22nd of March 2024, I would urge you to make sure to be there if you are interested in Wasm. I for sure will work hard to earn my place there next year. But for now, I am back home, time for some quiet time.